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On a cliff stretched out in the blue sea of ​​the coast of Portofino, the Excelsior Palace Hotel, a historic and elegant hotel in Rapallo and the first Casino of Italy, was and is the refined label of Hospitality in the Gulf of Tigullio


Room Nr. 119

Meeting room Nr. 9

Maximum delegate Nr. 450

Its 119 rooms have warm coral tones, blue, sand and an enchanting view of the Gulf. The Beach Club, the hotel's well-equipped establishment, consists of a beach with a panoramic swimming pool, a summer restaurant overlooking the sea and the elegant Sporting Bar. From the summer 2013 a new private mooring allows boat trips to Portofino, S. Fruttuoso and the Cinque Terre. In addition, a 25 square meter floating pool is also located in the plant.

The Health & Fitness Club has a gym, an indoor heated swimming pool with whirlpool, a Turkish bath, a sauna and a solarium, while the Beauty Farm offers personalized face and body treatments.

Basic info
  • Region: Liguria
  • City : Rapallo
  • Aireport: Genova (32 km)
  • Railway Station: Rapallo (1 km)

Hotel & Facilities
  • 119 rooms
  • 2 restaurant
  • Yatching Bar and Sporting Bar
  • Swimming pool indoor and outdoor
  • Gym, SPA
  • Beach Club and private quay
  • Golf Club in the neighborhood

& Altro
  • Beach Club with private quay
  • Golf (18 holes)
  • Boat excursions
  • Diving, sail, windsurf and water skiing in the neighborhood

Meeting Rooms

Salone Windsoryes330 mq3 mt.450 pax230 pax90 paxn.d.286 pax450 pax
Sala Duseyes90 mq3 mt.110 pax60 pax30 pax20 pax55 pax100 pax
Sala Simpsonyes160 mq3 mt.220 pax110 pax60 paxn.d.120 pax200 pax
Sala Sorayayes80 mq3 mt.100 pax56 pax30 pax20 pax55 pax100 pax
Sala Hemingwayno108 mq3 mt.80 pax40 paxn.d.20 paxn.d.100 pax
Sala Hemingway Bno25 mq3 mt.20 paxn.d.n.d.20 paxn.d.n.d.
Sala Hemingway Cno50 mq3 mt.70 pax40 paxn.d.20 paxn.d.n.d.
Sala Hemingway Dno25 mq3 mt.20 paxn.d.n.d.20 paxn.d.n.d.
Sala Farukyes185 mq3 mt.100 paxn.d.n.d.20 pax187 pax250 pax
Sala Faruk 1parz.46 mq3 mt.10 paxn.d.n.d.10 paxn.d.n.d.
Sala Faruk 2yes26 mq3 mt.10 paxn.d.n.d.10 paxn.d.n.d.