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Opened at the beginning of 2010, the "Progetto" G.H. Piazza Borsa, merges into one large hotel structure, three adjoining buildings in the historic center of Palermo. The central nucleus had been the convent and the great church of the Fathers of Mercede (XVI century).

Rooms Nr.127

Meeting rooms Nr. 7

Maximum delegates Nr. 270

All the attractions of the city, parks, monuments, streets and much more than that, are located within five hundred meters from the hotel. So that each room offers from its windows a different, ever-changing glimpse of the pulsating heart of the city. Our 127 rooms, each represent as many "living solutions". Each one is modulated differently from the other; nevertheless all designed to give you maximum comfort: from the most exclusive Suite to the most individual collection. The meeting rooms are arranged on several levels. There are on the ground floor, the first and second. What is truly remarkable is that there is always "Piazza Borsa", a room that can be reached both from hotel entrances and through independent accesses.

Basic info
  • Region: Sicily
  • City : Palermo (PA)
  • Airport: Palermo (30 km);
  • Railway Station: Palermo (900 mt)

Hotel & Facilities
  • 127 rooms
  • 1 restaurant
  • gym
  • spa

& Altro
  • Covered cloister

Meeting Rooms

Sala Kemoniayes280 mqn.d.270 pax100 pax72 pax60 pax200 pax260
Sala Ducrotyes130 mqn.d.125 pax60 pax60 pax50 pax90 pax120 pax
Sala Borremansyes108 mqn.d.75 pax40 pax36 pax30 paxn.d.n.d.
Sala Caroniayes45 mqn.d.35 pax15 paxn.d.20 paxn.d.n.d.
Sala Bergleryes45 mqn.d.40 pax15 paxn.d.20 pax32 pax42 pax
Sala Passettoyes28 mqn.d.20 pax12 paxn.d.15 paxn.d.n.d.
Sala Fumoiryes55 mqn.d.50 pax30 paxn.d.28 pax38 pax49 pax