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The Grand Visconti Palace, a perfect alchemy between ancient and modern, offers sober, bright rooms with an elegant and refined atmosphere. The exquisitely classic style of the furnishings matches the innovation and functionality of the equipment: all rooms have, in fact, free Wi-Fi, ISDN telephone wiring and satellite TV.

SPA/Fitness room

Room Nr.172

Meeting rooms Nr.13

Maximum delegates Nr. 300

The Grand Visconti Palace has 14 meeting rooms that bear the name of the main city gates, such as Porta Romana, Porta Ticinese and Porta Vittoria. The doors, strongly symbolic urban elements, were in the past bastions of resistance and places of encounter and diffusion of cultures. All meeting rooms are equipped with the most sophisticated audio-video support systems, most with natural light, and host from 10 up to 300 people. The elegance of the interiors combined with the efficiency of the equipment make the Grand Visconti Palace the ideal location for any type of event in the center of Milan.

Basic info
  • Region: Lombardia
  • City : Milano
  • Aireoport: Linate (11 km) Malpensa (60 km)
  • Railway Station: Milano Centrale (5 km), yellow subway Lodi (350 mt)

Hotel & Facilities
  • 172 rooms
  • 1 restaurant

& Altro
  • wellness spa and gym

Meeting Rooms

Porta Romanayes1210 mq5 mt260 pax110 pax60 pax15 tavoli150 pax200 pax
Porta Ticineseyesground floor112 mq3 mt100 pax65 pax40 pax7 tavoli80 pax120 pax
Porta Ticinese1yesground floor40 mq3 mt30 pax15 pax20 pax2 tavolin.d.40 pax
Porta Ticinese2yesground floor24 mq3.1 mtn.d.12 pax12 paxn.d.n.d.n.d.
Porta Ticinese3siterra24 mq3.1 mtn.d.12 pax12 paxn.d.n.d.n.d.
Porta Ticinese4yesground floor24 mq3.1 mtn.d.12 pax12 paxn.d.n.d.n.d.
Porta Vittoriayesground floor100 mq3.1 mt90 pax50 pax33 pax5 tavoli50 pax100 pax
Salone Viscontiyesground floor294 mq3.5 mt260 pax120 pax50 pax18 tavoli200 pax300 pax
Giardino d’Invernoyesground floor208 mq2.8 mt130 pax50 paxn.d.10 tavoli120 pax150 pax
Porta Magentan.d.-1112 mq2.9 mt80 pax55 pax40 pax7 tavoli80 pax80 pax
Porta Magenta1n.d.-146 mq2.9 mt30 pax20 pax18 paxn.d.n.d.n.d.
Porta Magenta2n.d.-122 mq2.9 mt15 pax12 pax12 paxn.d.n.d.n.d.
Porta Magenta3n.d.-122 mq2.9 mt15 pax12 pax12 paxn.d.n.d.n.d.
Porta Magenta4n.d.-122 mq2.9 mt15 pax12 pax12 paxn.d.n.d.n.d.
Porta Lodovican.d.-160 mq3.1 mt50 pax28 pax25 pax3 tavoli30 pax50 pax