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Enter the hotel and think that you are following the steps of Giacomo Casanova, in a building originally owned by the noble Dandolo family, who from 1638 received the first public "Ridotto", a place where nobles and all kinds of people (noble and real, but also adventurers, prostitutes, travelers, traders, etc.) were "reduced", retired, for different reasons: games of chance, pleasures of courtesans, social and political relations.

Rooms Nr. 92

Meeting rooms Nr. 8

Maximum delegates Nr. 250

Discover the beauty of the Ridotto Halls and the special evenings that have come alive here, which have contributed to making this place, the true protagonist of the history of Venice, where the life of what was once a famous Casino in the world, took place. Today it has been transformed into a multipurpose room surrounded by eight other rooms, spacious and very suggestive historical and artistic, with natural light and all the latest technology. Every year international events and congresses converge in Venice. The Hotel offers the 9 extraordinary rooms of the Ridotto, perfect for meetings but also to bring guests back to the time of Giacomo Casanova, with performances and themed evenings.

Basic info
  • Region: Veneto
  • City : Venezia (VE)
  • Airport: Venezia Marco Polo (10 km)
  • Railway station: Venezia S. Lucia (2 km)

Hotel & Facilities
  • 92 rooms
  • 1 restaurant

& Altro
  • other 34 rooms at Palazzo Selvadego,100 mt from the hotel

Meeting Rooms

Sala del Ridottoyes213 mq8.1 mt.250 pax120 pax70 pax85 pax180 pax250 pax
Sala Crozzolayes104 mq5.3 mtn.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.80 pax100 pax
Sala Corteyes90 mq5.3 mt.120 pax75 pax35 pax38 pax75 pax90 pax
Sala Vallaressoyes84 mq5.3 mt.90 pax70 pax30 pax32 pax70 pax85 pax
Sala Oppioyes42 mq5.3 mt.40 pax20 pax15 pax20 pax35 pax40 pax
Sala Alcovayes49 mq5.3 mt.50 pax25 pax20 pax25 pax40 pax50 pax
Sala Sospiriyes51 mq5.3 mt.50 pax25 pax20 pax25 pax42 pax50 pax
Antebaryes49 mq5.3 mt.50 pax25 pax20 pax25 pax40 pax50 pax