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Immersed in a magnificent park of fifteen thousand square meters, with its characteristic pink façade that recalls the color of the famous local granite, Hotel Simplon is the ideal solution for guests looking for a totally relaxing stay on Lake Maggiore. The new conference center of the Hotel Simplon also offers a variety of modular meeting rooms suitable for hosting meetings and corporate events.


Rooms Nr. 120

Meeting rooms Nr.15

Maximum delegates Nr. 100

A bright gallery, a permanent exhibition of paintings, links it to the Grand Hotel Dino, another hotel belonging to the Zacchera chain and its high-end services for leisure and well-being. All these features make it a particularly suitable structure for family holidays, but not only.

Basic info
  • Region: Piedmont
  • City : Baveno (VB)
  • Airport: Malpensa (60 km)
  • Railway station: Baveno (500 mt)

Hotel & Facilities
  • 120 rooms
  • 1 restaurant
  • 1 bar
  • wintergarden

& Altro
  • wellness spa and fitness room Hotel Dino
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • sports fields

Meeting Rooms

Green Roomyesmain floor66 mq3.20 mtn.d.n.d.n.d.20 paxn.d.50 pax
La Boulleyesgarden floor65 mq2.8 mtn.d.n.d.n.d.18 paxn.d.50 pax
Luigi XVI(A+B) yesgarden floor130 mq3.15 mt100 pax60 pax40 pax35 pax48 pax100 pax
Luigi XVI Ayesgarden floor62 mq3.15 mt40 pax24 pax20 pax20 pax24pax50 pax
Luigi XVI Byesgarden floor68 mq3.15 mt50 pax32 pax25 pax25 pax24 pax50 pax
Art Deco (A+B) yesgarden floor107 mq3.30 mt80 pax40 pax35 pax35 pax40 pax100 pax
Art Deco Ayesgarden floor52 mq3.30 mt30 pax20 pax15 pax20 pax16 pax30 pax
Art Deco Byesgarden floor55 mq3.30 mt30 pax20 pax15 pax20 pax16 pax30 pax
Contemporary(A+B+C+D) yesgarden floor156 mq3.80 mt100 pax50 pax30 pax30 pax40 pax100 pax
Contemporary(A+B) yesgarden floor65 mq3.80 mt40 pax24 pax20 pax20 pax24 pax50 pax
Contemporary(C+D) yesgarden floor89 mq3.80 mt60 pax30 pax25 pax20 pax24 pax60 pax
Contemporary Ayesgarden floor39 mq3.80 mt20 pax15 pax15 pax12 pax16 pax25 pax
Contemporary Byesgarden floor32 mq3.80 mt20 pax15 pax15 pax12 pax12 pax30 pax
Contemporary Cyesgarden floor46 mq3.80 mt30 pax20 pax15 pax20 pax16 pax30 pax
Contemporary Dyesgarden floor46 mq3.80 mt30 pax20 pax15 pax20 pax16 pax30 pax