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A splendid 18th century villa, today it is a reference point for Brescia's hospitality. 6 km from the center of Brescia and 20 km from Lake Garda, is the ideal place for a business or leisure stay where the elegance of the 86 rooms, divided between Classic, Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suite and a Suites, blend with the most functional and modern technologies.

Rooms Nr. 86

Meeting rooms Nr.17

Maximum delegates Nr.300

Conference center with natural light spaces consisting of 2 main rooms with capacity for 450 people, 8 meeting rooms, the Noble Floor for events up to 600 people and wide and versatile exhibition spaces, all equipped with the latest technical equipment. > Villa Fenaroli offers a catering service internally managed with a multi-year experience staff able to ensure maximum professionalism and always attentive to meet the most diverse requests. Our kitchen will make you live an unforgettable food and wine experience with the genuine flavors of tradition and international taste. The Villa also has free WIFI and ample free parking for up to 350 cars.

Basic info
  • Region: Lombardia
  • City : Rezzato (BS)
  • Airport: Montichiari (11 km) Verona (60 km) Bergamo (50 km)
  • Railway station: Rezzato (13 km)

Hotel & Facilities
  • 86 rooms
  • 1 restaurant

& Altro
  • n.d.

Meeting Rooms

Scalabriniyesn.d.270 mq4.35 mt340 paxn.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d
Bonomelliyesn.d.132 mq4.45 mt150 pax64 pax50 pax50 paxn.d.n.d
Garibaldiyesn.d.170 mq4.55 mt150 pax60 pax50 pax50 pax130 pax200 pax
Hosteriayesn.d.n.d.2.77 mtn.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.240 pax300 pax
Piano Nobileyesn.d.420 mq5.20 mtn.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.270 pax400 pax
Avogadroyesn.d.100 mq8 mt100 pax 36 pax30 pax36 pax80 pax80 pax
Gallerieyesn.d.627 mq4.55 mtn.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.n.d.530 pax
Goticayesn.d.43 mq4.55 mt20 paxn.d.n.d.15 pax22 pax35 pax
Sala TVyesn.d.37 mq4.50 mt20 paxn.d.n.d.10 pax 70 pax 90 pax
Sala Bacco e Caminoyesn.d.87 mq4.50 mt30 pax15 pax20 pax20 pax60 pax70 pax
Santellayesn.d.44 mq5.20 mt20 pax12 pax16 pax16 pax20 paxn.d
Broliyesn.d.41 mq5.20 mt20 pax12 pax16 pax16 pax20 paxn.d
Chiostroyesn.d.44 mq5.20 mt20 pax12 pax16 pax16 pax20 paxn.d
Rosayesn.d.44 mq5.20 mt20 pax12 pax15 pax16 pax20 paxn.d
Arcadiayesn.d.44 mq5.20 mt20 pax12 pax15 pax16 pax20 paxn.d
Fioriyesn.d.43 mq5.20 mt20 pax12 pax15 pax16 pax30 paxn.d
Cigniyesn.d.55 mq5.20 mt30 pax16 pax25 pax24 pax40 paxn.d